World-Wide Robotics Competition

This is robotics team, 80H Hijack. They competed in a world-wide robotics competition and made it to round 16 out of 89  teams, world wide. We also placed number 1 in the robot skills challenge in the state. The team consisted of (from left to right): Vansh Luthra, Rishi Kamtam, Ayush Karkare, Srikar Nagoti, and Ruthvik Suryapalam. Congratulations on your success, 80H Hijack!

March Madness Makerspace Challenge!

These are the first LMS students to try their hand at the March Madness Makerspace Challenge, trying to support a basketball for at least 20 seconds using only newspapers and masking tape.  Structures have to be at least 12″ tall, and we are charting the results.  This group vowed to give it another try so nobody tops their attempt!  Credit to Megan Berry for the idea.